THE GODREJ GROUP is as integral a part of India as its tricolour. Its journey began during the Swadeshi movement in 1897. Godrej is a brand that every Indian remembers with warmth - our houses have been guarded by their Navtal locks and every Indian bride has travelled to her new house with the security of her Godrej Storewell.

What may come as a surprise is that Godrej is not just one of the most-trusted brands in India, it reaches 1.1 billion consumers globally across its consumer goods, real estate, appliances, agri and many other businesses. And its canvas is only just growing.

In fact, their Vision for 2020 is to be 10 times the size they were in 2010. Godrej truly believe that while its amazing past distinguishes them, they are only as good as what they do next. > > > > > >
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