Inspired by the tradition of Itihaas*, this exhibit aims to resurrect ideas scattered across the county's timeline. Various treatises, shlokas, manuals and scholarly works contain sophisticated articulations of the ancient Indian Approach to life.

Ideas pertaining to Time, Creation, Learning, Nature all put forward a highly evolved and mindful thought process, which if adopted as practice, may be considered the essence, or the core of what makes India unique. And what may then be termed as 'Indianness'.

The transference of these previously uncollected, evolved concepts into the framework of design may be what India can offer the world today, as we go into the much-anticipated Fourth Industrial Revolution.

*History in the form of Itihaas is a creative use of past events, for the present and future. For instance, Ramayana and Mahabharata are ancient epics that are referred to as Itihaas in the Indian consciousness; Panchatantra is not.