CONCEIVED BY J N TATA on a grand scale, The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai didnít just open its doors in 1903. It opened them to a history of firsts. Electric lights, fans, bells and clocks and 4 electric passenger lifts ensured their early patronage of design and technology. The hotel even had its own power plant with electricity, a cooling system, Turkish baths and modern sanitation.

The imposing edifice that preceded the Gateway of India, was designed to incorporate multiple design influences - Indo Saracenic balconies, Victorian columns, Moorish domes and Florentine flooring. Home to a global clientele, The Taj Palace stands testament to the finest forms of creativity in India - with chandeliers, Kashmiri hand-knotted silk carpets, exquisite chests and cabinets, and an enviable collection of chairs and loungers from the last hundred years. >
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